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Well, this is me, Cassandra. I've loved the sims for years now-ever since my friend let me start a family on her game. I am also a bookaholic. I love books! And I love to write. I've been writing since I was eleven years old. Almost finished writing my own novel-but my grandmother never returned my story.

Monday, January 31, 2011


You know how your really sure your going to pass a test with flying colors, then get your score back and its no where near flying colors? It's more like a pale grey. A depressing grey. You just want to stick your head in the dirt, or pull the covers over your head and just lay there for days.
But hey, at least getting some of the answers right is better than getting them all WRONG! That's how I'm going to look at it. I can't start feeling depressed about it. It's one test. The best thing to do, the better thing to do is to just study harder. Read just about everything you can on the subject your testing on. Which reminds me. I need to check out a book for dummies on intro to business. And Business Statistics. And my professor is right. Theres more tests, and more assignments that can help me with grades. Now I'm off for the rest of the discussion.


For some reason whenever I think of that word, I think of Tuxedo Mask. And yes, I am a moonie. :D