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Well, this is me, Cassandra. I've loved the sims for years now-ever since my friend let me start a family on her game. I am also a bookaholic. I love books! And I love to write. I've been writing since I was eleven years old. Almost finished writing my own novel-but my grandmother never returned my story.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas! :)

It's after midnight here, so Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you enjoy opening presents from santa and spending time with your families. I know I will. Now I gotta hurry up and get to sleep otherwise I wont be getting presents. Night:)

Christmas Eve

The day before Christmas, one of my favorite days :). My family and I get to head down to our favorite bar and have a very early dinner with the other regulars, all of who are thought of as my uncles, and aunts. Hmm, I wonder who will be there. I'm hoping one person shows up, then storms out in anger. My grandfathers ex girlfriend. I'll call her Alice. She likes to show up out of the blue, causes drama downstairs, yells at my grandfather, threatens to call child protective services on me(dunno why) and when she finds out my grandfather is seeing another woman she throws a fit. Seeing her mad will just make my day. It's kind of wrong but I really dont like her, especially for her being an inconsiderate..I'll stop there lol. I just know my day is going to be filled with joy and a little drama. Merry Christmas! :)

A little bit o' everything:)

My first blog:) That's going to remain permanent anyway lol. Anyway, on this blog I will be writing about a little bit of everything. Legacies, friends, everyday dramas, sim forum dramas, school, whatever.

I'm a sim addict, have been ever since I started playing oh...about since the sims came out(I cant remember how old I was when I started playing). I really enjoy writing, and have thought for awhile about doing my own blog, so I did.