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Saturday, July 16, 2011

This is bullcrap

I'm no expert on men. I have many relationships that burnt to a crisp proving that. I think some articles that are written about men and relationships are written by women who have been burned. Or maybe they do think its fact.
The article I am talking about right now is called "11 Signs He's Not Heading toward a Relationship With You." A few that I find ridiculous:
"1. He texts instead of calls." 

Okay, I think we all know that not all guys like to talk on the phone. Some don't know what to say. Even I can agree that those long silences can be very uncomfortable. So men text. Its easier. Even I find it better than talking on the phone. And if he wants to hear your voice he can come see you. Or talk on the web cam. And I'm pretty sure that my boyfriend was heading towards a relationship because we are IN a relationship.
"10. He doesn’t remember your one month anniversary."

I cant remember a time when I did a month anniversary. Wait, I take that back. In my last relationship, which wasn't a great relationship. It was silly. That's what you do when your still in middle school or high school. Steven and I never celebrated our one month anniversary or two month anniversary... But we will celebrate our one year anniversary.
"11. He hasn’t posted a picture of you together on Facebook within two months of the first date."

Not all guys post pictures to facebook, or even have a facebook. I can think of a few who do not. And if he does, it doesn't mean that hes not into you. My boyfriend didn't have a picture of me on his facebook for a long time. It took more than two months. But now he does.

Ladies, dont listen to these articles. If I had listened to them, I'd be going nuts. If a guy is heading towards a relationship with you, he will. But that's what dating is for isn't it? Hes trying to find out if your good together. (Men, if I am wrong about that last statement, please tell me.) If your not, then he'll end it. But don't go boiling over because of some article making you second guess.
 If he treats you good and respects you, that's what counts. But if he disrespects you, hits you, etc, then leave him.


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